Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project 4 Reveal

Alrighty, for all of my friends out there who don't know what project #4 is, sorry to leave you hanging like that while the rest of us giggled away. Once upon a time my sis-in-law Jeigh left us hanging like that for months while she wrote a novel (which I've read btw. It's fantastic.). I thought I was going to die with anticipation! So all of you who are just dying (did I spell that right?) to know what my project is, I know how you feel. (enter sarcastic cough here...I'm sure there are few people who read my blog who didn't already know). Let's pretend for a minute here that you have no idea what I am puting all my energy into making. Here are some clues....
1. It is really small, like the size of a pea. But, as I slowly add layers and make the details more intricate it will be like the size of a oh, I don't know, a pumpkin.
2. I've only ever made one of these before, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined, if I do say so myself.
3. It's going to take like 8 more months to finish.
Any ideas? Okay I'm just going to come right out there and tell you. It's an AFGHAN! All crocheted by me. It takes me a long time to get anything done....okay I lied. It's really a baby!!! Yay! We are so stinking happy and excited and feeling enormously blessed that we have the opportunity to be parents again. WAHOOOO! Wes did cartwheels in the living room and knocked on the neighbors door because he just had to tell someone! We figure I'm due mid-May, just before it gets hot. Thank heavens!
Alrighty, that is all for now. It's nap time again. And I need to get a shower sqeezed in that time slot. So off I go. I will be accepting congratulations in the form of diapers. Just kidding! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project # 4

Wow. I seriously just sneezed for 5 minutes straight. If this madness wakes up the baby I am not going to be a happy camper!!! That has nothing to do with project # 4, I just had to vent. ANYWHO, project #4 is seriously going to be the best of all. I am so excited!! I have been working on it day and night, but I don't have any pictures yet because I'm not really showing much progress. But like I said, I have been working on it constantly. It is so stinking phyically tiring that I have had to take a nap. Everyday. Speaking of, my naptime is dwindling as I type. I'll post more later, and maybe someday I'll have a picture! Have a happy day!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Project #s 2 & 3

I have been wanting to do project #2 for a long time. I was constantly worrying about the fact that the cleaners were somewhere Suzi could get into...pretty easily if I left the bathroom door open and wasn't paying close attention. So we bought a new container and put the cleaning supplies way up high. Then I reorganized all of this mess. The before...

And after! I put the cleaning supplies in the closet where that basket of hair supplies (curling iron, straightener...) used to be. DUH. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier. Remeber that organizing blog I talked about in my last post? It talks a lot about functionality. Inspiration! I know it doesn't seem like anything big but, for reals, functionality and organization make me SO HAPPY! (speaking of functionality, them there tampons and toilet paper are in I'm-sitting-on-the-toilet-in-dire-need reach. YAY).

I put all make-up in this one...Contact stuff in this one...
And, tooth stuff in this one. Ahhh, isn't that beautiful.
Project number three was cleaning my messy room. I'll post pictures after I do some decorating magic. Happy house of ordering!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration #1

I've been inspired. It's true. The other day I read my sister-in-law Jenny's blog where she was discussing some of her favorite things. One of them was this fancy iheartorganizing blog. Oh my goodness...SERIOUSLY! I heart this blog!!! Careful, you can easily spend lots of time here. But there is a reason this beautiful blog hit home. I have been feeling a bit stressed and very annoyed that there are multiple places of yucky unorganized chaos in our appartment. THEN, another of my cute sister-in-lawsies posted all about her goals to make her home a "house of order." Immediately Amber and Jenny's blogs connected in my mind and BAM I was inspired. So I've started the very large project of organizing our little happy home so it can tooo be a house of order (someday). It is going to consist of tons of small projects and a couple large. Since our pantry was pretty bare already, I used our gigantic shopping trip as an opportunity to start there. Here's the before...

UGH. Nasty and messy, right? It's been driving me absolutely crazy. I haven't even been able to sweep the floor for months. So I cleared everything out...

Notice the grocery bags on the floor... yeah there were a ton of new things to put in there.

This little cutie patoootie loved the new clean floor! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd TADAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

The pictures don't really do it justice. It is positively splendid! There was a stinky issue with the garbage too. So we decided to try out the old laundry sheet technique. We put one in the bottom of the garbage and sat the box right next to it. I take a large happy breath each time I enter that beautifully organized pantry. I have more little projects in mind, including an inventory grocery list for frequently used foods and a pretty little meal planner. But for now, project house of order #1 was so refreshing and wonderful!! So thanks Jenny and Amber for the inspiration!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My very most wonderfullest sister and brother took family pictures for us! Yay! Geoff says he'll do some photoshop magic if I can tell him four or five favorites. So hard! Here are some highlights...

I'm sure no one loves them quite as much as I do, but aren't they seriously so cute!!! Wes also had the most splendid idea to take some pictures in Main Street Music-this perfect little music shop where he has worked for many years, and where we have spent countless hours of joy. This picture captures the setting I was hoping for. Too bad I look not-so-great-eh? Annnd none of the other pictures turned out either because it was hot in there and Suzi was DONE! Did I mention it was hot?


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Months and Gorgeous as Ever!!!

Can you believe this little sweety is already 10 months old(okay so she's 10 and a half months...getting anything done with a baby takes forever!)? Suzi gets more and more fun every day and seriously brings us so much joy! Some things about our little lady... She kinda loves to swing. Alot. She smiles and squeals and laughs. This girl is seriously so much fun.

Suz decided it was much more fun to climb in the chair and bounce standing up. She has quite the mind of her own.

She walks all over the place and definetly keeps mom and dad on their toes! She loves to open drawers and pull all the dvds off the shelf.

As you can see from that gigantic smile. She still has no teeth. I'm just hoping she gets her dad's teeth. (All thirty-two of them...or I guess she could be missing those wisdom teeth.)

Oh how much I love her!!

And oh how much she loves the guitar! And her "Dadadadaaaaad".

Um, and she kind of likes this girl too. And, that sippy cup full of ice cold water. She is a really great little eater, as long as it's not the same little snack as the last little snack. Oh, and it can't come out of a baby jar either.

Did I already say she has quite the mind of her own? bahahhaha just like her daddy.

Inquisitive much? Her favorite pastime is exploring. And when she discovers anything that is super wonderful (like mommy's phone) she giggles to herself.

Overall this is a smile that melts hearts and really gives the orders in this house. LOVE this lady!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day in the Sky

Before I start, look at what my wonderful husband and baby got me for Mother's Day! YAYAYAYAY!!! I can't tell you how much time this little gem is going to save me. Thanks Wes and Suzi!

And now, once upon a time we drove to Pleasant Grove for a day in the sky. Our sweet Suzi slumbered the whole way. But, alas she awoke the second we arrived and stayed that way until 1:30 am... Three hours later the tired parents left the peacful princess with her happy grandparents and set out for the perfect day.
There was plenty of fire...

and lots of fabric, happy faces, and a gnarly consent that I didn't even read. Can you guess our first adventure?

Hot Air Ballooning, of course!

We learned much about air currents and counted at least 15 seconds as Wes's spit fell to the ground.

Look how tiny those houses are! It was a strange,but liberating feeling floating in the sky.

Interesting side note: Did you know that when hot air balloons were first invented in France (I think...), when they landed on personal property, many people had never seen or heard of these strange, round flying saucers. The poor people were scared to death, thinking they were being invaded by aliens or some other man-eating beast. So, it became tradition for the balloon riders to take wine and bread with them to share as a peace offering once on the ground. This saved many from being stabbed with pitchforks. Our live-saving treat was donuts and juice. mmmmm

Now on to the real fun! Our Aunt Trudy is dating an old friend who just so happens to be a U2 and stunt plane pilot. This Guy (that's his name) is legit. He trained the Blue Angels. There's his pretty plane equipped with fancy smoke.

And though watching is fun, we didn't just watch...we rode in the sky! Here's Wes, ready for take-off.
And now it's my turn. So excited!!
We did all sorts of special stunts; flips and rolls, cloverleaves, humpty bumps, and straight-up flying upside down, just to name a few. We experienced 4-5 Gs, and -1 G within seconds of each other. I got to fly for a bit over to mt. timp, and Wes got to try out some stunts all on his own.

Thanks Trudy and Guy for a perfect day. Thanks Dallen and Roberta for getting us there and watching our sweetheart for much of it. And Thanks Heavenly Father for answering our prayers with beautiful weather. What a fantastic day!